STars on Broadway

I was recently commissioned to work on a project for the Sound Transit construction wall on Capitol Hill.

From the project description: Sound Transit has partnered with the Capitol Hill Chamber to shine a light on neighborhood non-profits and pair artists with a local organization to create a custom STar that will stay lit on the Capitol Hill station construction wall through the dark winter nights.

You can read more about the project here.

I have chosen a composite image for the star and sent it off to the printer. This was made by combining a shot taken on the industrial flats of Harbor Island and one of the telecommunication dishes on top of the Fisher complex (next to the Space Needle). These images were used together to signify and represent our transformation as a city and the constant renewal and growth of our urban surroundings. Also, the economic resonance of our transformation from an industrial city based on resource extraction to an economy that is ostensibly based on “high tech” is also something worth examining. 

double ver 2I wanted to print an image on vinyl for this project, so after asking around I finally chose Ballard Outdoor. What a wonderful group of people! I can’t recommend them enough. They helped me every step of the way. Here is a shot of the final adhesion of my image to the star.

Ballard Outdoor

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